e-Jal Bujh

e-Jal Bujh is a device that can be used to control and schedule an electric load of up to 4 KW. This is enough to control a 2 ton air-conditioner. By giving a schedule through an Android or iPhone App, power can be turned on or off to an electrical device at pre-determined time during the day. We also document below some use cases our customers have used the device for.

  • Save electricity by precisely scheduling turning Air Conditioner On or Off
  • Scheduling a water pump to lift pump from underground to overhead tank at pre-determined time and duration
  • Turning off water cooler at night in offices and in mosques and public places
  • To Turn perimeter lighting On/Off at predetermined time

Product Description

If you can use a screwdriver and have a smart phone with Android 4.3 or above, you will be easily able to install and program the device. [CAUTION] you must be comfortable and trained in installing and changing electric wiring. Otherwise, you should consult with an electrician to install e-JalBujh by showing them the install video. Once wired, you can easily program the device by watching the App usage video in ‘Setting the App’ tab. Our staff will also be available on the phone to guide you through the installation process.


Here are the links to e-Jal Bujh App on Google Play (iOS version currently not available). For Android, you will need version 4.3 or above of the OS.




Once installed, e-JalBujh should give your good service for at least 14 months when you will need to change batteries in the device. It takes two AA batteries, the purpose of chichis to remember the schedule when power goes out. You may want to watch the first few minutes of the following video to find out more about the device and how to change batteries.

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