Sui Northern Gas Company Pakistan official figures , the gas demand in winter and seven billion cubic feet in the loss of three billion cubic feet of gas supply four billion cubic meters , ie .

Gas demand in summer reaches up to five billion cubic meters and delivery of three billion cubic feet. The Sui Northern Gas said that these figures KP, Punjab and Kashmir but also of the entire country.

The number of gas-powered gyzrun in Pakistan has an estimated five million. That means five million gyzrun a heater for every 36 persons in the country.

The cause of the energy crisis in the country might lead to a new industry are engaged in extraction solution to this chronic problem.

He and Dr. Farrukh Kamran Zia has helped create a device heater control. This app is also kept control of boilers, which operates the device.

Basically, this is the work of that gas bill savings up to 50% with 30 because this is used only with the help of gas in these times when the user is required to hot water.

This device is currently not in the marketplace, because right now it is being checked. 15 years in the technology sector workers, KIDWAI said the move is good but every technology gadgets like the pradickt version 1.0 and has room for improvement in this also. KIDWAI said that I have seen this gadget and it runs great so far, I did not find my Bill, but I believe that the Bill will change. “In addition, they say that if the iPhone app went on a lot of improvement, it might come.

Representatives of Google in Pakistan are the few people pass, Badr are testing this device. Buy from the open market, though he says cylinder but also has some savings from this device. RS. 40 kg gas cylinder for 15 days in the same cylinder 6000 buy now تقریباٌ is 20 days. Zia says that even though the control gyazr in the past, were made but this device is for use in Pakistan in particular.

This device’s inventor and the Zia Imran to invest and Dr. Farrukh Kamran, but a whole team is support them. Some members of this team, a full-time doctorate degree and two to انجینیئر Designer, two experts are included. Gyazr control is the result of thinking of Zia. The idea came to them when he saw the ad in the newspaper of the Sui gas company and in which users were instructed to do by pressing gyazr your five o’clock every morning.

Zia said the laugh: I was thinking well, early in the morning, who will be closing the clot-tail rose in the cooling gyazr? This device is the most easy-to-use, you lose your Smartphone gyazr control on the app and register their time available, times you want hot water. Currently there are five control gyazr settings: off, a quarter, half, three quarter and full. ‘ He said ‘ you are on the phone the whole timetable (hours) also can enter and when this can change. However, for that you will need some smart phone. To use this device, you must have a distance of no more than eight feet from the gyazr.

He said of the price of this device we hope that price will be a device in the market, sell RS 3,000. This winter, we have only 40 units were created that were made by hand, not machine. All were booked and we were Facebook and sell through social media. Zia has said it intends to make a cheaper model will also only just gyazr on and off the price which will be one thousand rupees. Energy sector consultant Abdullah says the main task from device and in addition, in the past, many devices were made, “but it seems it’s quite mobile app work thing.

Hasham Ahmed are Electric Engineer. He said that this device is large and seems to work as well in terms of trade. It is encouraging that the industrial design make this device also included with those that can be improved a lot in that time. Otherwise, often times good universities project are great never did. ‘