9 11, 2014

Tribune Publishes Our Story

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KARACHI: Necessity is the mother of invention. For those still in doubt, the story of Jal Bujh – a locally developed smartphone application meant to control gas-powered water heaters (geysers) – should offer a good explanation of the need-innovation relationship specified in this English proverb. Urdu’s equivalent of ‘on-off’, Jal Bujh is an electro-mechanical device [...]

4 10, 2014

ProPakistani features Jal Bujh

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We like hot showers and we think everyone does. Once winter comes, however, the cost of that creature comfort before most of us trudge off to a job we hate is going to be steep. High gas bills in winters are a stuff of nightmares in households across the country. The reason? Those bulky monstrous [...]

3 10, 2014

TechJuice says about Jal Bujh

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Zia and Farrukh casually began another endless rant over the growing cost of basic utilities: electricity, water, gas, you name it. The conversation between these two friends, however, targeted one specific utility – gas. The environmentalists complain about the finite nature of gas as a resource, the consumers complain of how it costs more every [...]

4 04, 2014

Heater device control via smartphone

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Sui Northern Gas Company Pakistan official figures , the gas demand in winter and seven billion cubic feet in the loss of three billion cubic feet of gas supply four billion cubic meters , ie . Gas demand in summer reaches up to five billion cubic meters and delivery of three billion cubic feet. The [...]