Like many hi-tech startups, ZaheenMachines started over a conversation between two friends to develop a product to save natural gas wasted in legacy water heaters (also called geysers) largely because of poor thermal insulation and a thermostat deign that dates back to 1960s.

They proposed that the thermostat could be made intelligent by retrofitting it. What they drew on white board that day is captured in the picture below. After a few false starts a company Zaheen Machines was found to build Jal Bujh as its first product.

The following video describes, Jal Bujh, our first product, its impact and introduces the team.


ZaheenMachines’ aim is to make legacy homes more comfortable, automated and energy efficient. We plan to build products for managing gas, energy and water.

Saving household money and making the planet greener. Our take on home automation is that you have to plug into existing nuts and bolts instead of reinventing the wheel. We bring home automation to the masses which is currently served to luxury home market segment.

Zia Imran
Zia ImranCEO
Zia Imran (mostly known as Imran) is the Chief Everything Officer (CEO) at Zaheen Machines meaning he does everything that everyone else hates to do. Zia is a serial entrepreneur and his passion is to use technology to solve problems for people in his immediate vicinity. He has previously worked in Silicon Valley (Oracle, Altera and his own startup) and in Lahore (VahZay, Zaheen Machines). If he had a second life, he would try a career in race car driving or professional golf
Shahid Malik
Shahid MalikCOO
Shahid Malik runs operations like clockwork at Zaheen Machines. He oversees sales and closely works with new customers. He is the resident slave driver keeping everyone on the toes ensuring that support team is always out in the field servicing our valued customers until the cows come home. His big company experience, having headed Carrier Air-conditioning (a unit of United Technologies) in multiple Mid East Countries, brings process rigor and discipline to the team
Jamal Hameed
Jamal HameedChief of Design
Jamal Hameed with super duper industrial and product design skills makes everyone’s life at Zaheen Machines miserable; all hardware has to fit and work with millimeter precision and be 99.99999% error free – a goal not achieved but we are getting close. He has headed Product Design department at NCA, worked for WHO and ran Lahore office of Pakistan Design Institute. He used to make RC airplanes in his childhood and has finally curtailed his love for super bikes after breaking his allowed quota of bones
Umer Naeem
Umer NaeemTeam Lead, Operations
Umer Naeem directs the support team, runs marketing campaigns, manages accounts, takes calls from important customers and simply put, keeps the operations humming at Zaheen Machines. He decompresses at the end of the day by conning everyone in the building into playing a game of badminton. Over the weekends he helps out his friends with their garage videography gigs
Dr. Farrukh Kamran
Dr. Farrukh KamranTechnology Advisor
Dr. Farrukh Kamran is a technology adviser to Zaheen Machines. His areas of expertise are power electronics, digital and analog circuits, signal processing and harassing students. When he is teaching, he scares his students for clarity of thought required to earn a good grade. When practicing power electronics, his turn ons are any device that processes at least a megawatt of power. In his high school years he dabbled in RF communication. He was a top achiever in his BS (EE) class at UET and later received a PhD in Power Electronics from Georgia Tech
Syed Basit Ali
Syed Basit AliSoftware Architect
Basit Ali is the ultimate hacker on the team. He straddles the gamut all the way from 3D game design and VR to automating water pumps with iOT, his new found passion. Basit teaches a popular programming course at ITU and also has some tricks up his sleeves to corrupt young minds to build quality software. He was part of a team that built Apps that went way up the charts, in top 5, on BlackBerry Store.