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Like many hi-tech startups, Zaheen Machines started over a conversation between two friends to develop a product to save natural gas wasted in legacy water heaters (also called geysers) largely because of poor thermal insulation and a thermostat deign that dates back to 1960s. They proposed that the thermostat could be made intelligent by retrofitting it. What they drew on white board that day is captured in the picture below. After a few false starts a company Zaheen Machines was found to build Jal Bujh as its first product.

Jal Bujh


Jal Bujh is our first product aimed at making a 60 year old technology iOT enabled. An environment polluting, natural gas (Sui gas) wasting water heater can be made into a intelligent consumer appliance with by coupling Jal Bujh to it saving households upto 50% on their water heating bill whiel savings tens of millions of dollars a month if Jal Bujh is installed on every single water heater in our first target market. For individuals, the devices pays back its price in less than one winter season and while continued savings for many many years.

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e-Jal Bujh

Save upto 50% on your Electric bill!

e-Jal Bujh is a device that can be used to control and schedule an electric load of up to 3 KW. This is enough to control a 2 ton air-conditioner. By giving a schedule through an Android or iPhone App, power can be turned on or off to an electrical device at pre-determined time during the day. One version of this device (1.5 KW rating) is shown below. We also document below some use cases our trial customers have used the device for.

Product Details and Ordering Info