Our intelligent home solution makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient. You can control your power hungry devices like air-conditioners form a distance and control any appliance, fan, light and A/C from anywhere in the world from your mobile phone. It integrates with video cameras to record unusual activity in your home and send pictures and video to your mobile phone.

It can,

  • Set the ambiance based on night/day, holiday and energy efficiency mode.
  • Provides up to the minute energy usage data of all power hungry devices in your home.
  • Keeps home safe by alerting you when smoke or gas leakage is detected.
  • Enables intelligent workflows including turning on the A/C when temperature and/or humidity rise above a certain level.
  • Turns lights, switches and appliances automatically when no one is present in the room.



Replace your switches with touch switches that include fan speed control

Our touch switches will let you control lights, fan and other appliances right from the convenience of your phone touch screen. A contemporary mobile interface is your ears and eyes to everything in your house

  • Available in 4+2 [4 lights and 2 fans] or 2+1 [two lights and 1 fan] models
  • Remembers your day and night settings
  • Turns Lights and Fans on and off based on ambient light, temperature and humidity in the room (or a combination of factors including outside temperature)
  • All features are accessible on the go form your mobile touch screen



Intelligently senses your environment for comfort, efficiency and danger

Our intelligent Comfort Sensor constantly measures, humidity, temperature and smoke in the room. It also has a motion sensor built into it to measure presence in the room.

It passes this information to our intelligent workflow engine that determines which lights, fans and A/Cs should be turned on or off based on defined rules and conditions in the room. If a threat is detected, our workflow triggers the camera to make a short video of the room as well as take pictures and send alerts to the user’s mobile phone.



Our A/C and power control senses the environment and controls your A/C and power hungry devices

Our intelligent A/C and Power Control device can turn an A/C on or off at prescheduled time or turn an A/C on or off based on environmental settings (temperature and humidity).

It also constantly measures the amount of power consumed by your A/C and displays how much energy has been used over time. The switch can turn your A/C on when it senses that you are headed home from work!



Our Home Control Brains integrates all the sensors, switches and A/C controls into one intelligently functioning system

The super sophisticated Home Control Brains has quad processor that runs our rules based workflow engine to automate your home. On one end it connects with our cloud services to download configuration, rules and exchange data. The power usage data is written to cloud over time. Other features include

  • Off Line workflow capability – when Internet is down, it still keeps the system humming
  • Synchronizes local state of the system with what is stored in the server
  • Acts as the glue that holds various components of the system together